Balance personal and professional commitments
and increase your
available energy


To assist you in making sound Wellness & Lifestyle choices, please check out our list of available tools:

  • VitalityPRO™ (Balancing Career & Lifestyle)
    The VitalityPRO™ is a comprehensive, online lifestyle management assessment based on over 30 years of research. It helps an individual assess current lifestyle demands and to develop a customized action plan to improve the quality of life and overall satisfaction levels.
  • StressPRO™ (Lifestyle Planning)
    The StressPRO™ is an innovative self discovery tool that helps an individual develop and maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle. Our unique approach helps identify lifestyle habits as well as opportunities to improve health and increase satisfaction levels. Read more...
  • CorporateVitalSigns™
    CorporateVitalSigns™ is a diagnostic tool that assesses and benchmarks corporate vital signs that are known to predict future corporate performance, revenue growth and profitability.
  • Wellness & Lifestyle Workshops
    Our stress and lifestyle management program has helped thousands of individuals integrate a demanding career with an active, fulfilling lifestyle. It has also been proven to be extremely effective at preventing the re-occurrence of any previous stress related issues. Through our exclusive D.E.L.I. approach, participants are introduced to over 100 proven stress management techniques and develop their own unique program by selecting the techniques that can be integrated into a balanced lifestyle. The goal of the lifestyle plan is to prevent burn out and maximize the ROE (Return on Energy) from all number 1 commitment areas.
  • One-on-One Lifestyle Coaching
    Confidential Coaching for Individuals - The coaching sessions are customized to meet the individual needs of all participants. Read more...
  • Other Products & Resources
    We have other products & resources to empower individuals to become more vital, productively healthy self-managers and take personal responsibility for their health.